The Google Pixel 6 is the first time Google will be using an in-house chip for its phones. Instead of opting for a Snapdragon processor again, Google will instead use its own Tensor chip. We still don't know many of the finer details of this silicon, but we do know that it's likely to cause some degree of shake-up in the Android industry. If you're in Japan, though, Google also has some other chips to help tide Pixel fans over until you can get your hands on the chip you actually want. We're talking about the edible kind, of course.

These "Google Original Chips" don't have any silicon in them. They do have, however, a "Googley" salty flavor. The bag itself comes adorned in the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro's colorways, as well as the phrase "Google Pixel 6 Coming Soon."

Now, before you go and shoot a message to your Japanese friend to get you some chips, we're not seeing the start of a whole new business venture for Google. Instead, this is a one-off product that's available in limited quantities — just 10,000 bags. In fact, as we're writing this, all 10,000 are already gone.

As cool a curiosity as this is, Lays or Pringles are likely a better option while you wait for the launch of the Pixel 6. Those have the benefit that you can actually buy them — and honestly, they probably taste better.