When you're trying to keep on top of your communications, having one number that's tied to all your devices — and even accessible through a web interface — sounds like a dream come true. And for the most part, that's exactly what Google Voice is. But key to that success is it managing to actually do its job, and right now that's not exactly going as planned, as Google reports issues with text messages experiencing delays.

Google first shared word of this problem a few hours ago, and reports that those affected are able to access Voice and send texts just fine, but for some reason they're experiencing unspecified delays when it comes to receiving incoming texts from others. It's unclear just how widespread this issue may be, and we haven't observed any significant delays when investigating on our end.

Hopefully we'll have a more complete picture of the scope of this issue soon — and ideally, news about a resolution, as well. Google promises an update shortly, and we'll be refreshing our coverage with those new details as they arrive.

Fix ETA proving elusive

Google's been spending all day posting little updates explaining that it's still looking into things ... but so far no ETA on a fix.

In fact, twice so far this afternoon Google's given itself an ETA for providing such an ETA, only to come back an hour later with a whole lot of nothing. We'll keep following its progress, but so far there's just been a lot of talk with no actual news.

More or less fixed

Google has finally updated its notes with what seems like the closest we're going to get to a resolution. The company explains that "the problem with Google Voice should be resolved for the vast majority of affected users" (emphasis ours). If you're among the unlucky still experiencing delays, hopefully those get taken care of soon.