We've known about Google's not-so-secret Pixel Superfans group since last summer. Made up of its most dedicated users, Superfans have gotten access to a bunch of perks, including some sweet wall art prints that arrived just in time for the holidays last year. If you think you have what it takes to join Google's group of Pixel die-hards, your time may have finally come.

This event marks the first time Google has confirmed the Pixel Superfans program is real, and it's timed perfectly with some open slots ahead of a hardware launch later this fall. According to the announcement post, an invitation into the organization grants access to a dedicated Facebook group, alongside "possible perks" like private Q&As and events, the opportunity to give feedback on devices, and limited-edition items like those prints from last November.

If you think you're a natural fit to be labeled a "Superfan" of the company's hardware, you'll need to fill out this basic form to get started. Only US residents who are 18 and older are currently eligible, and invitations are non-transferable. If you're an employee at Google, Alphabet, a member of the press, or a government official, you're also disqualified from participating. If you meet those base requirements, hit that form link to get started or check out the complete list of terms and conditions here.