Memories are an integral part of the Google Photos experience that allows you to dive head-first into some warm nostalgia. Google amped up this quotient by a few notches last year when it introduced a revamped version of the application. Now some users are spotting a new feature within memories, one that allows you to instantly share similar memories in the form of a collage.

From what it seems, this is currently only being served at the end of certain kinds of Memories, particularly Spotlight on *name* and *Name1* & *Name2* ones. Once you tap through all the memories, you should find a collage of all the photos you just saw.

This is a handy way to share all the memories without having to address them individually. If you wish, you can even get prints of this collage from within the app (available only in certain countries).

There is a chance that auto collages at the end of Memories might not be live for you just yet — like they aren't for me. But keep looking out for one at the end of memories that focus specifically on people.

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