Samsung's Galaxy Buds line has consistently been some of the best wireless earbuds available, and the Galaxy Buds Live are no different, so long as you have bean-shaped ears. Jokes aside, for people like my wife whose ears are too small for conventional in-ear earbuds, the Buds Live are a great alternative thanks to their sound quality and the inclusion of ANC. If you're in the market to buy some, now would be a good time, with the Buds Live seeing a $65 discount in the US and up to £109 off in the UK, courtesy of Amazon.

If you're in the US you get all colors of the Galaxy Buds Live for $105 ($65 off), making a good pair of earbuds even more attractive. If you're in the UK the discount is even deeper, although it varies slightly based on which color you pick. They are available in black for £79 (£100 off), white for £75 (£104 off), and the fan-favorite bronze for £70 (£109 off).

The US discount is only available for the rest of today, while the £100+ UK discount seems to be more permanent, with no end date listed. You can check out the deal for yourself using the links below: