We've been patiently waiting for a new Google One tier, reportedly on the way but limited to T-Mobile customers for some reason. But surprise: the service just started offering a new tier ... at ten times the storage. The new 5TB cloud storage option costs $25 a month, slotting in well between the 2TB and 10TB plans.

Like the cheaper and more expensive plans, the new 5TB plan works out to $5 per terabyte per month. You can get a 17% discount if you pay for a year upfront at $250. The new option was spotted by 9to5Google.

So as of today, the Google One storage tiers and monthly prices are:

  • 100GB - $2
  • 200GB - $3
  • 2TB - $10
  • 5TB - $25
  • 10TB - $50
  • 20TB - $100
  • 30TB - $150

In addition to the storage, Google One customers get access to Google's mobile VPN service, 10% back on Google Store purchases, extra purchase points in the Play Store, "pro session" Google support, a few extra Google Photos editing options, and the occasional hotel discount.