If you've ever spent hours rearranging your home in an effort to feel more organized, you might have a lot in common with Google. It's hard to think of a company that spends more time rearranging all of its various menus. The latest settings swap is an attempt to make navigating Assistant preferences a lot easier, but depending on how many smart speakers you own, it might not play out as expected.

Judging by this new layout, Google wants to simplify controlling Assistant's settings, no matter whether it's your phone, a Chromecast, or a Nest Hub Max (via 9to5Google). The "Voice Match" options in Assistant's settings menu now features two tabs: "This phone" and "Other devices." In theory, this setting should make enabling and retraining voice activation more straightforward for both types of devices. However, the "Other devices" tab still feels cluttered, with smart speakers, TVs, and all other gadgets kept here.

By pushing all of those features into their own space, your phone's preferences feel much more sparse, but it comes at the price of device organization. The "Other devices" tab syncs with Google Home to provide a list of sorted devices into home groups, along with other gadgets that don't have a set location. As AP's own Artem Russakovskii found while setting up a Lenovo Smart Display yesterday, you can easily get thrown into this UI without any explanation that your device is hidden under a new tab.

Google has also split its "Personal results" section into two tabs. This time, the phone list is more extensive, featuring toggles for lock screen suggestions, headphones, and a shortcut to the "At a Glance" menu.

It doesn't seem like this new menu is tied to any particular update; it's live across three different phones for me. If you dive into your Assistant settings right now, it's likely already live.