You don't pay equal attention to all the people and brands you follow on social media, right? Some of them are closer to you than others, but their posts often get lost in the flood of the algorithm-driven feed. Soon, though, you might be able to prioritize who gets top billing with your next scroll through Instagram.

Italian developer Alessandro Paluzzi, one in a community of treasure hunters looking for big features in development, seems to have picked up on a new list called Favorites.

It seems users will be able to add their favorite accounts to this list, hence the name, and have their posts appear "higher" if not at the very tippy top of their feed. The app will also suggest accounts to add to the list.

Favorites would loosely follow in the footsteps of the Close Friends feature Instagram introduced in 2018 which allowed people to share private Stories with a small circle of buddies. Instead of applying priority to Stories, this just applies to the Feed™.

Paluzzi's finds have turned out in actuality more often than not, so we have hopes that this will come to fruition.