Google is further improving Nearby Share, its own take on AirDrop, by adding two new notable features. The first one is group transfer support, with the second one tweaking the visibility aspect of the feature. These are the first major improvements Google is making to Nearby Share since first rolling it out last year.

As XDA Developers notes, group sharing in Nearby Share will let you transfer one or more files to up to four users. The feature will automatically show a "tap to share with more people" prompt if there are people around you with Nearby Share enabled on their devices. However, the file transfer won't happen simultaneously with all users at once, but instead proceed one after another.

Images via XDA Developers

This new mode could come in handy if you're looking to locally share photos, videos, or other files with your friends or family after a trip, as you won't have to use the Nearby Share dialog to initiate each transfer. Group sharing in Nearby Share was first spotted in development almost six months ago.

Google is also improving device visibility-related settings in Nearby Share. You can now set your phone's visibility to "everyone" irrespective of whether someone's in your contact list or not. There's also a "use everyone mode temporarily" option that only exposes your device for the moment.

The new features seem to be rolling out with a server-side change in Google Play Services, so it may take a while to show up on your Android device.