Do you remember how long foldable OLED displays had to hang out at tech convention floors before they finally started appearing in products? Well, say hello to the display your phone of 2030 might have. Okay, not exactly this one.

Samsung unveiled a 13-inch stretchable OLED display yesterday during the Global Tech Korea conference. Demonstrations, captured in a clip below, show a potential use case in augmenting footage of moving fluid.

This isn't the first stretchable display we've seen from Samsung — it debuted a 9.1" panel and surface deviation tolerance of 5% back in 2017, according to ETnews — but it's the stretchiest yet though we weren't given a new stat.

Meanwhile, LG says it is still pressing forward with curved and rollable OLED technologies, but with its smartphone division shut down and its rollable phone concept shelved, we're left wondering where we'll see its brand..

It sounds like with the physics we're dealing with at the moment that bigger will be the better way to go when we get to first-generation products, but don't count out pocketable form factors just yet: Samsung has been planning out a phone with a stretchable display for at least 2 years.