Our eyeballs have been patiently waiting for a darker version of Search on the web for years. While a few users got a peek at it earlier this summer, as of today the option for a dark-themed Google search should be coming to everyone. You can try it out now. Right now! Go! Do it! Why are you still here?!

Oh, right, you're probably wondering how to apply it. From any standard Google search, click the Settings icon next to your user profile image, then Search settings. On the left side click Appearance. You can choose between "Device default" (which should follow the dark or light theme on your desktop operating system) or manually selecting Dark or Light. Click "Save" to apply your settings.

According to Google, this option is rolling out "fully" over the next few weeks, so it may be a little while before users in every region see the option. These settings don't appear to be doing anything for the mobile web version of Search; you can see Search in dark mode, but only if you view the page in desktop mode. You can use a Chrome flag to enable mobile dark search manually. Of course, the standard Google Search app for iOS and Android already supports a dark mode.