We're just weeks away from a stable build of Android 12 hitting smartphones, which means all of the final additions are falling into place. One of the tools we've been excited to try out for ourselves is Live Space, replacing the old At A Glance widget on Pixels. We finally have a new look at the feature, but we'll have to keep waiting for a future update to experiment with everything it'll offer.

Live Space came to Pixels way back in Beta 3, but Google didn't modify the actual widget itself outside of a name change. We know Live Space is intended to include some new contextual information, including shopping lists at stores, but until now, it's been lying dormant in Android 12. With yesterday's release candidate, that's finally changing. XDA's Mishaal Rahman tested out a few of its abilities, like upcoming calendar events, timers, and ongoing stopwatches that allow you to swipe through each listing.

That said, you might not be able to try it out yourself. Live Space — which is once again called At a Glance in settings, despite its previous name change in Beta 3 — is broken for most users, including writers here at AP. For example, on my Pixel 4a 5G, the settings menu is completely blank, and the widget no longer shows current weather conditions.

Left: Current widget, no weather. Middle: Timer displayed. Right: Broken settings menu.

While I wasn't able to test its calendar integration, stopwatches and timers are both supported at the moment. If more than one is running in the background, you can swipe between displays, with page indicators showing which slide you're currently on.

Look at those visual indicators that you can easily see on this blue background.

With so much still broken or not working, it's not exactly what you'd expect from a release candidate, though an early fix could appear in the coming weeks. I'll just have to distract myself with Google's new Paint Chip widget until Live Space is officially up and running.


Turns out the visual indicators were live on my phone as well — they just blended into my wallpaper so well, I didn't notice them. Don't be like me, readers. Use a background without white elements (thanks, Eduardo). I've updated the article above with fresh screenshots.