Unless you have a spare lying around to be your real phone, I wouldn't recommend installing beta software on a device that you depend upon. But that's what we're here for! Android 12's version of the reliable Clock app is looking good in the latest beta. And it turns out that it looks pretty good on Android 11, too, because you can install the new APK from the updated version on older builds.

To get started, just head on over to APK Mirror. Version 7 of the app is the one from Android 12 — the newest release on the Play Store is 6.4.1. Download the new app and install it over your current Clock (or over nothing at all, if you're running a phone that doesn't use much of Google's tools). Once it's done, it should work just fine, gigantic rounded pause button and all.

Above: old (Android 11) clock app. Below: new version. 

There's one major bummer: the Android 12 app won't show those splashy new widgets on your homescreen. You get the new Material You-derived interface in the app itself, but the widgets are the same thin line analog clock and numeral digital clock we've had for years and years. Which is a shame, because that's easily the most dramatic part of the new version. You also won't get the benefit of Material You's theming engine.

Hopefully Google will allow older versions of Android to try out those new clock widgets when Android 12 lands. If not, I'm sure an enterprising third-party developer will take up the task.