Wireless chargers are pretty standard at this point. You probably have a few spread throughout your house, sitting on coffee tables and kitchen counters. Maybe your car even has a built-in dock, so you don't have to fuss around with cables on the go. Real next-gen chargers are over the air, delivering power to a device without requiring it to align with a pad or stand perfectly. Motorola might not be the company you expect to bring forth a futuristic charging experience, but it's teasing some pretty impressive stuff.

Coming months after Oppo and Xiaomi gave us a glimpse into their respective air charging products, Motorola posted an infographic on its Weibo account showing off its new "Space Charging" gear (via Android Authority). Should it ever reach the market, it could end up as one of the coolest gadgets around. According to Motorola, Space Charging can reach up to four devices at a 100-degree coverage angle, reaching up to three meters in the distance. Obstacles like your hand or a pocket shouldn't stop the device from receiving power, so you could use your phone like normal without having to think about plugging it in or placing it on a pad.

All of this is possible with the strength of a whopping 1,600 antennas, complete with an independent charging management chip and plenty of heat dissipation. Motorola's tech is apparently capable of recognizing a human body to pause its power automatically to avoid causing harm to humans.

It all seems straight out of science fiction, though Motorola did share a video demonstrating all of its capabilities. If it still seems a little too good to be real, it might be: charging speeds reportedly top out at 5W, and there's no set release date for when this could potentially come to market.

But hey, all technology has to start somewhere. It could be just a few years until we're surrounded by beams, with all of our devices automatically powering up as we go on about our day. Next up: flying cars.