Ever since the redesigned Firefox for Android landed back in 2020, development has stalled a little. Mozilla has only added a few new features to the browser since, like improved tracking protection, a small interface lift, and improvements to HTTPS connections. Unfortunately, Firefox 92 doesn't change much about that. The latest version of Firefox is now rolling out to the Play Store, and it only brings a handful of features to the table.

In the Firefox 92 for Android release notes, Mozilla shares that it has added support for the Web Authentication API, which allows you to use physical security keys to log into websites, like USB or Bluetooth security sticks. The developers have also managed to fix crashes that occurred when disconnecting the browser from your Mozilla account and when navigating back to the settings menu after disabling Studies under Data collection.

For desktops, a few more changes are listed, the most interesting one being support for the AVIF image format, based on the AV1 video codec. It promises bandwidth savings compared to traditional image formats, on top of goodies like support for transparency and other advanced features. Chrome has supported the format for a year, so it's good to see Mozilla jumping on the bandwagon.

The changelog further explains that "Firefox now supports automatically performing HTTPS upgrades when HTTPS RR is available and using HTTPS RR as Alt-Svc headers." These HTTPS Resource Records are a new kind of DNS record signaling to browsers that websites support HTTPS, which should help prevent certain forms of attacks that hinder browsers from upgrading the connection from HTTP to HTTPS.

There are a few more desktop-specific changes, like a redesigned bookmark toolbar and error pages as well as a few macOS-only tweaks.

Unfortunately, the update still doesn't do anything to address one of the biggest problems people see with Firefox for Android — full extension support. Version 92 is still stuck with the same old collection of whitelisted add-ons that was lasted extended back in November 2020. You still shave to rely on a workaround available in Firefox Nightly for other extensions.

You can download Firefox 92 on APK Mirror right now, but it's also rolling out to the Play Store. If you're feeling adventurous, the Firefox 93 Beta might be more exciting as it adds system-wide password autofill support.

Changelog details

Updated with further details from the changelog and the Play Store rollout.