According to a teardown, Android 12 Beta 5 has a new feature that joins the existing Adaptive Charging improvements that debuted in prior Betas. According to some strings spotted, Pixels running Android 12 may show a notification that explains that it will "limit charging to help preserve battery health" when your phone is overheating.

The change was spotted by 9to5Google, and though we can't see what it looks like in action just yet (we'll be sure to update if and when we spot the notification while a phone is overheating), the text is tied to a "Charging temporarily limited" notification that will appear on Pixels when they are overheating, explaining that the limit has to do with preserving battery health, with a link out to another page that talks about device overheating.

What isn't entirely clear is how the charging process will be limited or how this ties into known existing functionality. If, for example, your phone will continue to charge at a reduced rate while overheating, or if charging will halt entirely. Furthermore, it could be related in some other way to the existing 80% cap that was introduced for devices plugged in over a long period in a prior Android 12 release, or the Pixel's existing "slow charging" that can occur under certain circumstances. In the last case, this could simply be a notification that increases transparency for long-standing behavior, though it might be subtly different in some way that isn't immediately obvious.

Given the slight confusion, we've reached out to Google for more information regarding the new notification and related behavior, and we'll be sure to update if we hear back.

We'll just have to wait and see when and how it appears. Given that it's summer and the Pixel 5 and 5a have an issue with heat, we may not have long to wait before the notification starts to show up for Pixel owners on the betas.