If you thought Android 12's Easter egg felt lacking compared to the offerings from years past, you probably weren't alone. While the fancy Material You clock was fun enough on its own, it seemed like it was missing some special touch to compete with Google's previous hidden secrets. With the latest release candidate, Google added a little something extra to its Easter egg, though you'll need to know where to look to find it.

A widget in the newest version of Android 12 lets you see every shade of color pulled from your wallpaper with dynamic theming (via 9to5Google). It's not accessible right away — instead, you'll need to head into the "About" section of the settings menu to enable the original Easter egg. Even though I'd already viewed it, I had to redo this action on my Pixel 4a 5G after updating today, but your mileage may vary. Once you've set the clock to 12 — thereby turning your wallpaper into bubbles — you can return to the home screen.

Open up the widget picker on your device and look for "Android S Easter egg" near the top of the menu. Select and drag it to any of your home screens to generate a single color card pulled from your wallpaper. You can add additional cards to the collection by resizing the widget, all organized by corresponding colors.

When you're finished, you can tap on any of the cards to open a full-screen display of shades. Each variant can be selected and shared, complete with a hex code to use in the design tool of your choice.

For an update focused on delivering a fresh look to Android phones, it's understandable that Google would focus on Material You for both of this year's Easter eggs. If you're running the latest release candidate, give it a try for yourself.