One of the details that Google teased back when Material You was first shown off is a redesigned set of widgets for the built-in clock app. Like other Material You-themed bits, the widgets looked like they'd pick up colors dynamically based on the theme that Android 12 generated for a given wallpaper. As of Beta 5 and v7 of the Clock app, the new widgets are live — and they're rad. Paired with the change is a Material You redesign for the Clock app itself.

A little clock widget tasting menu. Lots of options!

There are four flavors of clock widget available under this new design schema: The sort of top-down cupcake-looking Analog, Digital, a "Stacked" digital, and a World widget that shows two time zones at once in the Digital format. Although each has specified sizes, you can also resize them to your heart's content, but that's not the best part.

R. A. D. Rad.

Like the App Shortcuts and other long-press elements, the widgets don't just pick up on the device-wide theme, they actually tune in to the colors being used around and behind them, so you'll notice changes even just based on where they're placed. Depending on your background colors, you can play with different sizes and locations and get totally different results in an intuitive but entirely organic-seeming way. It's exceptionally cool.

A small gallery of different colors you might see. 

The change seems to be tied to a new release of the clock app as well, with the new v7 at least partially delivering the requisite changes, on top of Android 12 Beta 5, which ships with that version of the app. On that note, the app itself also got a bit of a facelift with v7, including the new toggles present in other places in Android 12.

Above: v6.whatever. Below: v7 on Android 12 Beta 5.

In addition to the new toggles, the general "feel" of the UI has been tweaked slightly to match the Android 12 Material You-style aesthetic, including the dynamic color theming you'd expect, plus a new indicator for the active tab. Unlike the lock screen, the numerical entry pad doesn't do that fun circle-to-square animation that the PIN guard entry does. The background for some elements like each alarm is slightly different, with expanded white space between each alarm and a rounded background with strict separation between alarms rather than a line separator, resulting in a slight density decrease.

The "reset" and "lap" buttons for the stopwatch and "delete" and "add timer" buttons in the timer tab have been redone, dropping the text and picking up bigger, more contrasty buttons that inherit Material You theming. Padding for the bottom tab selector is also larger, and the header at the top of each tab is now left-aligned and bigger.

We're still diving into Android 12 Beta 5's secrets, so keep an eye out for more of our series coverage today and in the coming days.