With its latest, and very possibly last, update to the Android 12 beta, Google is adding in a lot of creature comforts that flesh out the operating system's user interaction. One of the most handy is home controls (AKA device controls), quick links to your most-used actions for controlling a smarthome. Previously (and distractingly) placed in the power menu, they seem to have a much more easy-to-reach home now: right no the lock screen.

The new fastest way to access home controls is right on the lock screen, when you first power on your phone. They've been given a dedicated spot on the bottom left corner, opposite the Google Pay link on the right side. These links mirror some of the custom skins seen in the earlier days of Android, but are now dedicated to the tools you're most likely to need immediately when accessing your phone outside your home and inside: Pay and home controls, respectively. You'll need to actually unlock your phone if it isn't already if you want to make any changes.

Google's taken its time to come to this arrangement. Home controls can also be accessed from the standard swipe-down Quick Tiles. The tool is no longer located in the power menu (long-press the power button), now more intelligently dedicated to locking, restarting, contacting emergency services, and of course, simply powering down the phone.

With the final version of Android 12 and the Pixel 6 expected within the next month or so, this would seem to be the final place selected for home controls.

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