Among the more vexing changes in the Android 12 Betas to date has been the apparent bug that caused the search bar/widget built into the Pixel Launcher to lose its curves, not just appearing as a hard-edged square but with an off-center Google logo, to boot. As far as pedantically tiny frustrations go, it was maddening. Android 12 Beta 5 thankfully fixes that problem, and it looks like it won't be an issue when it hits stable.

Above: Android 12 Beta 3 and Beta 4. Below: Android 12 Beta 5. 

The broken layout was likely tied to some of the universal search tweaks that are built into Android 12 now and which rolled out widely with Beta 5. (Keep an eye out for more detailed coverage on that in the coming minutes.) The new appearance isn't quite the same as before, as the Google and microphone icons are gone entirely replaced by the new "search your phone and more" text. Functionality has also changed (as noted), and the appearance while scrolling is also different:

Left: Android 11. Right: Android 12 Beta 5.

Now the search bar's background expands to fill the top of the screen when scrolling in the app drawer, rather than keeping its normal shape at the top of the screen.

Admittedly, this is hardly the most significant change, but it does fix an omission that's been frustrating the crap out of Android 12 beta testers now for months. For more on the universal search changes and other Android 12 features, keep an eye out for our upcoming coverage, or check back in later with our Android 12 feature series.