Most websites (like this one) adjust their formatting automatically to account for screens of different size and density. But sometimes the formatting goes weird, and you just gotta pretend you're on your beige Dell from 2003. According to a recent patch in the Chromium Gerrit, Chrome on Android might be getting an option to toggle the "Request Desktop Site" option on a permanent basis.

The change was spotted by Chrome subreddit user Leopeva64-2. The new toggle would be accessible from the Site settings section of the main Settings menu, offering users a choice between "always request desktop site" and "always request mobile site." Notably the mobile version of Edge (also based on Chromium) has added more or less the same feature in the last month.

The patch appearing on Gerrit isn't a guarantee that the feature will appear in the Canary or Beta builds, but it's a pretty solid indication that someone thinks it should. And it's easy to see why some users would prefer to always load the desktop site, especially on tablets or the ever-increasing big screens of flagship phones. We'll keep an eye out for it.

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