Samsung is one of the few manufacturers that consistently brings features from newer designs to older hardware via software upgrades. Usually it's phones (like the older Galaxy Z Flip series this morning, for example), but Samsung's also looking after its galaxy of accessories. Today the Galaxy Buds Pro get some of the newer features developed for the non-pro Galaxy Buds2.

XDA-Developers notes that the new firmware includes the ability to customize the Ambient Sound setting, the ability to listen to Ambient Sound mode even during phone calls, and new controls for noise levels (split into standard and one-bud mode). All of these are managed in the Samsung Wear app, which should automatically install the Galaxy Buds Pro plugin when you pair your headphones.

Upgrading the Buds Pro with the new firmware might take a few minutes — pure data transfers over Bluetooth are pretty pokey. But once you do, you'll be able to enjoy some of the best features of the Buds2 without spending an extra penny. Pretty neat.