Amazon is closing out August by giving customers free money: up to $30 over the course of 2 days, in fact. If you took advantage of this deal yesterday, here's how to get the full value of it today.

The savings come in the form of two $15 coupons valid for separate $25 Amazon purchases. It gets a bit tougher from there, but you might be able to squeeze out an extra back-to-school purchase or two from this opportunity.

To get your first $15 coupon, access this Amazon promo page (which we got through SlickDeals), enter your email in the "Receive a download link" field, then wait for an email to arrive with the very next link you need to tap on with your mobile device. If you don't have the app on your device, you'll need to download it.

You may notice at the top of the promo page that you may not have been deemed "eligible" by Amazon to receive the offer and that only those who were contacted directly by the company about it will be able to redeem it. In the course of our testing, we found this to not be true.

After scraping through the snacks section, I bought some roasted chickpeas

From there, you'll need to order at least $25 of items sold by or Services LLC — other Amazon-related entities are excluded, so watch that Sold by line on the right side of the product page. That, in itself, will be an exceedingly limiting factor to what you can buy, but you may want to consider some Amazon Basics products. Or buy an Echo Dot, if you need yet another smart speaker in the house.

About 24 hours after your first checkout, you should have access to the other $15 coupon which will good for another Amazon cart under the same terms.

You just gotta push for it!

After waiting fruitlessly for a follow-up email, we clicked the link for the promo page again and repeated the above process and got our second $15 coupon. I bought cargo pants. Yes, I'm a boring man.

Both purchases must be completed by 11:59 p.m. PDT on August 31 in order for the full $30 benefit to apply. Good luck and good shopping.