Google's Nest line of connected smart home products includes all different kinds of devices, including smart displays, smart speakers, and smart cameras you can put anywhere in your house. They're really useful to have as they allow you monitor your home remotely and let you save video footage if something ever happens. Now, though, there's a weird bug affecting several devices in the Nest ecosystem involving the video feed from cameras.

As reported by a growing number of people complaining at a Google support page, it seems that pulling up a video feed for a device like a Nest Cam or Nest Doorbell will immediately pause whatever media is playing on any other Nest speaker, smart display, or even Google TV in your household. And the reason for that is unclear.

Does Google think that seeing your Nest camera feed is an activity that requires no less than 100% of your attention and that this is not a bug at all? Probably not, as a Google Community Specialist replied to the issue saying that developers were "working on the bug," and that there are some potential fixes you can try, including restarting the paused device and trying to resume whatever you were playing again.

Other than that, the only thing you can do to get your media playing again (trying to manually unpause it results in it just pausing again) is to exit the video feed, which will immediately start back up whatever you were playing. We sure hope Google has a fix for this on the horizon.

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