Ever since Google opened up third-party API options for Android Auto apps, we've seen plenty of new experiences come to in-dash displays. Specialized navigation tools may not be everyone's cup of tea, but if you're planning on going off-road any time soon, it can be a game-changer. If you own an electric car, you know how important it is to locate nearby charging stations. ChargePoint added Android Auto support to its app a few months ago, and with this week's update, it's Electrify America's turn.

Although Electrify America's charging network isn't the largest in the US, with nearly 650 available stations, it's still a solid option for owners of compatible models. The company recently redesigned the app on phones, but this week's update extends its display to your dashboard with Android Auto. Electrify America's car-friendly interface allows you to locate chargers from anywhere in its US-based network. Each location displays available chargers by type, so you know if your vehicle is compatible before heading out on the road.

It's not just a navigation app. Once you're at a station, Remote Start and Stop makes it easy to begin or end charging. You can also view plan details to ensure you're paying the correct rate and taking advantage of free charging included with some vehicles.

Even if Electrify America doesn't currently have locations near you, this could eventually come in handy. The company plans to extend its current infrastructure throughout the US and Canada to include more than 1,800 stations by the end of 2025.

Android Auto support is arriving this week alongside Electrify America v27.1.3, though I have yet to access it on my own device. You can download it from the Play Store link below or grab the APK from APK Mirror.

Electrify America
Electrify America
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