OnlyFans has an Android app. On the Play Store. If you're familiar with the platform and its rather infamous "Patreon for porn" reputation, that might be confusing — doesn't the Play Store forbid outright porn? (It does!) This OnlyFans app only shows its safe for work content, both from more conventional creators and adult entertainers whose content is merely titillating instead of explicit.

In short: you won't be seeing any naked people on the official OnlyFans app. It looks like OnlyFans is trying to expand its image beyond pornography, and it certainly has the content to do so: in addition to its more famous self-funded users, the platform is host to musicians, chefs, fitness instructors, comedians, and conventional podcasters of all stripes, all of whom collect subscriptions directly from users.

Beyond that rather notable omission, the app is fairly basic. It's labeled "OFTV" in the Play Store (don't bother searching "OnlyFans," you'll only get junk), and as far as I can tell, there's currently no way to log in with an account. The gallery is a selection of "Unlocked" free content from some of the service's most popular video creators — or at least, the most popular ones that are safe for work. At least there's no advertising, I guess? More features may be in the works, but at the moment it's barely more than a gallery.

Oh, and if you're looking for a less curated selection of OnlyFans content: the mobile site works just fine. I tested it. For you. You're welcome.

Big changes are coming to OnlyFans

It looks like the OFTV app is more indicative of OnlyFans' corporate direction than we assumed at first glance. Earlier today Bloomberg reported that starting in October, the site will no longer host sexually explicit content, even on the web.

That's a bit more complicated than it might seem at first. While OnlyFans will no longer host depictions of sex acts, nudity will still be allowed, as per the site's acceptable use policy. In layman's terms, OnlyFans is going "softcore." The site will, presumably, continue to court content from creators that make videos well outside the area of eroticism. This will essentially make OnlyFans a video-focused alternative to Patreon and similar creator support platforms.

The upcoming change is a controversial one. Bloomberg reports that it's driven largely by pressure from payment processors and banking institutions, which have long been wary of any adult content. But many users and fans have pointed out that OnlyFans built its current business almost exclusively by hosting and promoting content from independent erotic models and sex workers. Shutting out a huge portion of them as a matter of policy, just as the platform's popularity and mindshare are peaking, could be seen as a betrayal.

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