Google Pay has come a long way over the years, most recently with a complete redesign now under its belt. Not too long ago we crossed an eagerly anticipated milestone for the mobile payment app, with the service finally surpassing more than 3,000 banks in the US, and now it's adding even more.

With 3,000 banks now in the rear-view mirror, we'll need to start counting down to the next milestone. Of course, with more than 5,000 total financial establishments in the United States, there's still plenty of room to grow. If you've been waiting for your bank to gain support for Google Pay, check out the list of newly-added institutions below to see if yours made the list.

  • Arbor Bank (NE)
  • Coastal States Bank (SC)
  • Craft Bank (GA)
  • Credit Sesame
  • Dakota Community Bank & Trust, National Association (SC)
  • Farm Bureau Family Credit Union (MI)
  • First Neighbor Bank (IL)
  • Freedom Bank (TX)
  • Hickam Federal Credit Union (HI)
  • Jifiti
  • Peoples State Bank (IA)
  • Shazam
  • Sightline
  • The Hill-Dodge Banking Company (IL)
  • Tomo

12 more

Google's latest additions to the Pay bank family may not represent the big landmark of our last tally, but when it comes to a service like this expanding to support more and more institutions we figure: the more, the merrier.

  • Bank of Buffalo (KY)
  • BayBank (MI)
  • Clinchfield Federal Credit Union (TN)
  • First Community Bank and Trust (IL)
  • First National Bank Minnesota (MN)
  • Ozarks Federal Savings and Loan Association (MO)
  • Prairie Community Bank (IL)
  • Teachers Credit Union (IN)
  • Teachers Credit Union (WI)
  • Torrington Savings Bank (CT)
  • U.S. Century Bank
  • United Consumers Credit Union (MO)

Latest 8

Some financial services companies would see that 3,000 figure and start resting on their laurels. But Google Pay? Nah, bruh, that's just the signal that it's time to get beast mode engaged. We're only a few days removed from the last dozen new banks Pay added, and now it's already following that up with a good eight more. Will it ever stop? Yo, I don't know. Turn off the lights, and I'll glow.

  • Abington Bank (MA)
  • First Bank of Highland Park (IL)
  • Insouth Bank (TN)
  • Minster Bank (MO)
  • Mountain Valley Bank, NA (WV)
  • Powerco Federal Credit Union (GA)
  • TrustTexas Bank, SSB (TX)
  • Westmark Federal Credit Union (ID)

16 more

You add 16 banks. What do you get? Another day older and deeper in BANKS. Google Pay loves banks in a way that's purer and truer than any love you've ever known. It cares about them. They're its children. And it will not stop until they are all working with Pay. Or maybe it might — I don't know. Banks!

  • Astera Credit Union (MI)
  • BILT
  • BTC Bank (MO)
  • Bank of Tioga (ND)
  • Bank of Versailles (MO)
  • Chattanooga Federal Employees Credit Union (TN)
  • Emerald Credit Union (OH)
  • Farmers Trust & Savings Bank (Buffalo Center, IA)
  • Farmers Trust & Savings Bank (Spencer, IA)
  • GNBank, N.A. (KS)
  • Gulf Coast Federal Credit Union (TX)
  • Jassby
  • Parkway Bank & Trust Co. (IL)
  • Peninsula Federal Credit Union (MI)
  • Waumandee State Bank (WI)
  • Yotta

Latest 13

What's the deal with banks, anyway? Did you ever think about it? It's like a house for money, but houses cost money, so where does the money come from to build the house for this money? And, like, does money get homesick when you keep it for too long, and you're actually doing something kind by spending it? Mmm, this is a good burrito.

  • Alliance Bank (TX)
  • BAC Community Bank (CA)
  • BANK (IA)
  • Beneficial State Bank (CA)
  • Choice Financial Group (ND)
  • Cloverbelt Credit Union (WI)
  • First State Bank & Trust Company (TX)
  • Great Oaks Bank(GA)
  • Infuze Credit Union (MO)
  • Kanza bank (KS)
  • Mineola Community Bank (TX)
  • Splitwise
  • Westfield Bank (OH)

14 more

Bank-a-lank-a-ding-dank! New banks calling! And these are by far the choicest, most premium banks to grace the halls of Google Pay yet. We're talking top-shelf accounting — greenbacks so green they're practically radioactive. But maybe they're too good to share. They can just be our secret. You know how to keep a secret, don't you? Google Pay does.

  • BC Bank (WV)
  • Bank of Commerce (OK)
  • Bank Of Vernon (AL)
  • Boston Firefighters CU (MA)
  • City & Police Federal Credit Union (FL)
  • Farmers State Bank (IN)
  • Florida State University Credit Union (FL)
  • Industry State Bank (TX)
  • Ottawa Savings Bank (IL)
  • Park State Bank (MN)
  • Peoples Credit Union (RI)
  • Quincy Credit Union (MA)
  • ReliaCard
  • Self-Help Federal Credit Union (CA)

17 new ones

I had a dream last night that I was in a bank. I must have gotten lost and missed when they were closing, and ended up locked inside. You'd think it would be lonely, but I had all that money to keep me company. As the hours stretched on, whispers began to fill my mind; was the money trying to speak to me? What did it want, and why had it allowed the bankers to gather it all in one place? The whispers rose to a roar of veritable shouting, tearing my reality to shreds as they started to reveal the horrible truth behind it all.

Then I woke up, and now Google Pay's got these new banks.

  • Allegiance Bank (TX)
  • Buckeye State Credit Union (OH)
  • Citizens Bank and Trust Bank (GA)
  • First Electronic Bank (UT)
  • First Reliance Bank (SC)
  • Foresight Bank (MN)
  • Fox Valley Savings Bank (WI)
  • Home Federal Credit Union (WV)
  • Home Loan State Bank (CO)
  • Horizon Bank (IN)
  • Passumpsic Savings Bank (VT)
  • Peoples Savings Bank (Crawfordsville, IA)
  • Peoples Savings Bank (Indianola, IA )
  • Premier Bank of the South (AL)
  • Regent Bank (OK)
  • Safe 1 Credit Union (CA)
  • Sevier County Bank (TN)
  • USPLK Employees Federal Credit Union (KS)

19 more

Some banker once told me, my money's gonna roll me, I ain't the sharpest bill in this bank. He was looking kinda bank with his bank and his bank in the shape of a bank on his forebank. Weelllllll, the banks banks banks banks banks banks banks banks, banks banks banks banks banks banks banks banks...

  • Alice Financial
  • Atmos
  • BayVanguard Federal Savings Bank (MD)
  • Community State Bank (IA)
  • County Bank (IA)
  • DESCO Federal Credit Union (OH)
  • First Choice America Community FCU (WV)
  • First Eagle Federal Credit Union (MD)
  • Genoa Banking Company (OH)
  • Hickory Point Bank & Trust (IL)
  • Inwood National Bank (TX)
  • Lafayette State Bank (FL)
  • Louisiana USA Federal Credit Union (LA)
  • Minerva Area Federal Credit Union (OH)
  • Sooper Credit Union (CO)
  • Stifel Bank (MO)
  • Tewksbury Federal Credit Union (MA)
  • The Farmers State Bank (KS)
  • Zolve

28 new

What is a bank? A miserable little pile of money?

But enough talk...

Have at you!

  • Adams Community Bank (MA)
  • Bellevue State Bank (IA)
  • Blue Ridge Bank (VA)
  • Bond & Squire
  • Citizens Bank (NM)
  • Commercial Bank (MO)
  • First Bank of Baldwin (WI)
  • First National Bank Bagley (MN)
  • First State Bank Anadarko (OK)
  • First State Bank of Dekalb (AL)
  • First Westroads Bank (NE)
  • Home Town Federal Credit Union (MN)
  • Industrial Credit Union of Whatcom County (WA)
  • Long Beach City Employees Federal Credit Union (CA)
  • Mercury
  • Muskegon Co-op Federal Credit Union (MI)Mutual Bank
  • Old Second Bank (IL)
  • Peoples Bank of Wyaconda (MO)
  • South Ottumwa Savings Bank (IA)
  • Southern Heritage Bank (LA)
  • Summit Federal Credit Union (OH)
  • Teampay
  • The Bank of Beaver City (OK)
  • The Dime Bank  (PA)
  • The Geo. D. Warthen Bank (GA)
  • Thomasville National Bank (GA)
  • Wells Bank (MO)
  • West Gate Bank (NE)

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