Google Fi, Google's self-branded, low-cost MVNO, often has some pretty compelling deals on new phones. Though its selection is small, it typically includes all of the current Pixel phones (naturally) and a smattering of high-profile Android devices from other manufacturers, including Samsung and Motorola. A recent change in the promotion terms means that more people are eligible for the service's steep phone discounts: specifically, people who've tried Google Fi before and left for less Googley pastures.

9to5Google spotted the change in eligibility terms when checking out the discounts on the newly-announced Galaxy Z Flip3. Previously "new Fi customer" meant anyone who hadn't tried Google Fi before. Now it means anyone who hasn't tried Fi before, or anyone who left Fi more than 180 days before taking advantage of any discounted phone promotion. So if it's been at least six months since you tried out the service, you're now eligible for new phone discounts again, including $400 in credit on the aforementioned Flip3.

The new status quo was confirmed by a community manager, so if it's been a while since you've taken advantage of a Fi deal, check your calendar. With the Galaxy Z Flip3, Pixel 5a, and the upcoming Pixel 6 and 6 Pro on the horizon, it's time to rake in the discounts.