Before the launch of last year's Chromecast with Google TV, the Nvidia Shield TV was far and away the best Android-based streaming box you could buy — and arguably, it still is. Nvidia has built a strong, passionate fan base with this gadget, which is probably why it doesn't go on sale all that often. Right now, you can grab the Shield TV at a rare discount from Amazon, Best Buy, or B&H.

Although $130 may not sound like a significant discount over the usual MSRP, it's actually within $5 of the all-time low on Amazon. Seriously, this thing never goes on sale, which makes it a perfect time to scoop one up if you're interested. Despite costing more than twice the price of Google's latest Chromecast, it features excellent 4K AI upscaling and a better processor. Nvidia's services like GameStream and GeForce Now make it a bona fide gaming hit once paired with a controller. And with a built-in microSD card slot for storage expansion, you can load it up with as many apps and games as you want.

If you're stuck choosing between this and a Chromecast, just know Google has already brought its latest TV-friendly interface over to this device, making it a no-brainer. This deal on the Shield TV is available through both Amazon and Best Buy, but it probably won't last long.

Back on sale

If you missed out on this initial sale, you're in luck. Nvidia is running a week-long discount on the Shield TV, bringing its cost back down to $130 for the second time in a month. B&H has joined the party as well, offering the same price as Amazon and Best Buy. You have until Sunday, August 22 to grab a new media player at this price. Canadians can also get in on this discount, though the deal ends for them on Thursday, August 19. Click the links below to grab one.