So far, we’ve covered how Ting Mobile’s Unlimited Plan stacks up against other carriers (spoiler: you can save quite a bit of money), but did you know that Ting Mobile also has Ting Flex plans for families and smart savers alike? Pay just $10 a month for unlimited talk and text, plus $5 for every gigabyte of shared data, and you can enjoy reliable service with none of the fluff you don’t need.

Featured offer: Save up to $50 on a Ting Mobile plan

From now through Sunday, August 29, you can save $5 a month for the next five months — plus an additional $25 exclusively for Android Police readers — on most Ting Mobile plans. Read our full article for complete details.

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As the name implies, Ting Flex plans are designed to give users exactly what they need from a carrier — nothing more and nothing less. Plans start at just $10 a month per phone with unlimited talk and text, making them accessible for all different types of phone owners and budgets.

If you want fast, nationwide LTE + 5G coverage (where applicable), add on $5 a month for every gigabyte of data you and/or your shared lines use. The less mobile data you consume, the less money you’ll pay — it’s that simple. You control your monthly bill based on what you need.

Ting Flex is best for families

Although Ting Flex plans are great for individuals who either don’t use a ton of data or who just want to save some money, they’re really great for families. According to Ting Mobile, their Flex plans are the best family plans in America.

On average, Ting Flex customers with two or more lines pay less than $13 a month per phone. This is a stark contrast to the stacks of cash you’re likely to shell out with a major carrier, or the additional bucks “affordable” services like Mint Mobile and Google Fi charge their customers.

Finally, since all data is shared in a Ting Flex family plan, there are steps you can take to optimize savings within your family. For instance, you can turn off cellular data for the kids to ensure they only use Wi-Fi. You can actively curb your own data usage, too, which we’ll discuss more in depth later this month. With Ting Flex, you’re able to tailor your experience to best fit your needs without paying for more than what you use.

Try Ting Flex today and save

Ready to get started? If you haven’t done so, click here to see if the phone in your hand is compatible with Ting Mobile (it probably is, but it’s good to be certain). Next, choose your Ting Flex plan halfway down the page, either sign in or create a Ting Mobile account, follow the step-by-step prompts, and you’re on your way to saving serious money on your monthly phone bill.

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