Google is known for overlapping multiple apps at once — just look at its messaging strategy. While both Google Wifi and Nest Wifi have a dedicated app for controlling and monitoring your networking gear from your phone, the Google Home app has steadily gained similar features over the last several months. It seems that was all part of the company's intentions, as you'll now need to use the Home app to configure and customize your Wi-Fi routers.

While the dedicated Wifi app won't shut down right away, beginning May 25th, it will switch into view-only mode. If you're looking to set up a new router, add an access point, or change any of your network preferences, you'll need to migrate to Google Home. The app will be permanently delisted from the Play Store sometime in June.

Google directly cites smart home growth as the reason for the move. The Home app now controls nearly every gadget made by the company. Making specific software just for networking equipment feels redundant.

For steps on how to switch your Wi-Fi network to its new app, check out Google's support forums. You can grab Google Home from the Play Store or download the latest version from APK Mirror.

It's dead, Jim

After a promise to delist the app in June, the old dedicated Google Wifi app has finally disappeared from the Play Store. Of course, if you've previously downloaded the app, you'll still see it listed if you're logged into your account. Its APK is also available on APK Mirror, but since the app is currently in read-only mode, it won't do you much good.

This delisting is all part of a move towards making the Google Home app the central hub for all your smart home gear. For instance, all of the new Nest products announced this morning are set up and managed using the Home app. Consolidating all of its smart home apps into one service is probably for the best. Not only does it limit the number of utilities installed on your phone, but it keeps development focused on a single app.

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