Digital photo frames have come a long way. Most models are Wi-Fi-enabled anymore, but some of the best ones connect with Google Photos to make managing your pictures less of a hassle. One such photo frame — the aptly named Lenovo Smart Frame — is a screamin' deal on eBay right now: $180, or a full $220 off MSRP.

In our review of the Smart Frame, we were impressed with the quality of its 1080p IPS display and how darn easy the thing is to use, but were unenthusiastic about the price tag. It's still not perfect at $180, mind you; the air gesture-based controls for flipping through photos are sometimes frustrating, and it has both a microphone and speakers that don't currently do anything (Lenovo says they may be activated in future updates, but doesn't offer specifics). Still, it's very good at what it does: showing your selected Google Photos pics.

This deal is being offered by Lenovo itself via eBay. Hit the link below to grab one.