Google's mesh routers might not be great for power users — you can't even manually choose between 2.4 and 5 GHz — but they're fantastic options for less demanding users who have a lot of space they want to fill with Wi-Fi. You can score a particularly sweet deal on 2020's Google Wifi today: the three-pack is down to $150, $50 off its normal going rate.

This is the newer model of Google Wifi, which, compared to the more premium Nest Wifi, has lower top speeds (1,200 Mbps versus 2,200 on Nest) and a smaller coverage area (1,500 square feet of coverage per point to Nest's 2,200 square feet). But it's hardly slow, and considering the average home size in the US is something like 2,300 square feet, 4,500 square feet of total coverage is surely enough for most of us.

At $150, you're saving 50 bucks compared to what the three-pack will usually run you. This price is available from a number of retailers, so hit any of the links below to grab a set.