It's tough to use Snapchat without running into Bitmoji. Even if you don't care much for its custom avatars, you'll find them everywhere throughout the app. Bitmojis are in your stickers, the Discover feed, and even your keyboard. With its latest update, Snapchat has pushed its avatars into the third dimension, though it's limited to the Snap Profile for now.

If you head into the app and tap on the profile icon in the upper-left corner of the camera interface, you'll be greeted with an all-new look to the account page. Gone is the 2D avatar of yesteryear — now you'll find a fully 3D model drawn from your current Bitmoji settings. You can edit your post and background from this menu as well, though entering the "Outfit" menu will take you back to your avatar's old 2D version.

These models are stuck to the profile page for now, with the old 2D illustrations still used for stickers when sending photos and videos. Although Snapchat hasn't laid out its plans for Bitmoji moving forward, we'd have to guess this new look will eventually expand throughout the service. Otherwise, it's a lot of work for an account page most users don't access all too often.

Snapchat added these avatars over the weekend, resulting in some downtime on the app over the last few days. Now that they're live for most users, reactions have been mixed. A quick search on Twitter shows opinions ranging from "hot" to "not." Speaking personally, I can't help but get flashbacks to the old avatars on the Xbox 360. Still, they look a lot better than the old "big head" Bitmoji from a few years ago, so it could be worse.

These avatars are now live, although it could take some time until it comes to every user. Unfortunately, if you hate the new look, there's no way to change your profile back to the old 2D model.

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