Smart Compose is pretty wild. The feature routinely manages to accurately predict words when writing in Docs or Gmail, and now, the predictive algorithm is making its way into your comments on Sheets, Slides, and Drawings.

Like in Docs and Gmail, Smart Compose helps you cut back on repetitive writing, making it easier to formulate impeccable sentences and comments. While predictions aren't always 100% what you'd like to write, they help give you a general idea of what might be an appropriate style. Smart Compose isn't available for text you write right inside Slides, Sheets, and Drawings, but at least you can now use the feature when communicating with collaborators, no matter if you're a paying Google Workspace user or a free Google account owner.

Smart Compose is making its way into more and more Google apps. It was initially only available in Gmail and Docs for paying Workspace users (G Suite, back then), but it quickly expanded to more people and to the mobile Gmail app. Google was even experimenting with Smart Compose for Gboard last year, though for now, it looks like the test hasn't gone anywhere.

If you absolutely despise Smart Compose, you can turn it off for each individual Google Workspace service under Tools -> Preferences -> Enable autocomplete.

While at it, Google is introducing another time-saving measure for Workspace — faster access to shared Microsoft Office documents. When you create links to Microsoft Office files stored in your Drive, they will now open in the editor view by default straight away. Before that, files would first be loaded up in a view-only preview mode, requiring an extra step to jump into the editor.