A couple of weeks ago, Twitter started testing Google account sign-ins through a beta version of the Android app, giving hope to many of the holdouts waiting for Google account integration. Today, the long-awaited feature has finally gone live inside of the Android app as well as across the web. This means you can now log on or create a fresh Twitter account with your Google details, directly in your browser or the official app, and even Apple users have something to celebrate today since Apple ID sign-in support is coming to the web soon.

Above, you can check out Twitter's recent tweet announcing Google sign-in support across the web and the Android app. Of course, I just had to test the feature out, and it definitely works as promised. I can quickly sign into my existing Twitter account with my Gmail credentials in both the browser and the app, though if you do have trouble signing in through a webpage, you may want to clear your cookies, which should ideally free things up.

So there it is. Twitter has added support for Google sign-ins so that anyone can quickly sign-up or log on with as little hassle as possible. It's a feature that sure took its time, but it's here all the same, and even our iOS brethren will soon be able to log in through the web with their Apple IDs, clearly illustrating that Twitter is finally taking ease of use for its log-ins and sign-ups seriously.

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