For the last few years, Google has thrown caution to the wind and released details about its upcoming Pixel phones months ahead of time. Of course, it's usually little more than a confirmation of rumors. Google sure confirmed a lot of Pixel 6 rumors today, offering a pretty good look at the next Google phone. You can even head over to the Google Store right now to salivate over the phones, but you can't buy one yet.

There's not much new to see on the Google Store page. Google has a short blurb on the Tensor custom SoC, and there's a video showing off Material You on the new Pixels. The most interesting part of the listing is the color widgets. You can click on any of the three colors for each phone to see what they'll look like. The Pixel 6 Pro comes in gold, white, and black. Meanwhile, the non-Pro has coral, black, and white/lime. I'm sure these colorways all have fancy names, but we don't know what they are just yet.

The page includes an option to sign up for email alerts, which will get you a reminder when the phone launches. That's going to happen this fall, according to the page. Past Pixels have come out in October, and we could be looking at a similar timeline this year.