We're all eagerly anticipating the launch of Samsung's new foldables later this month, and while we've been waiting, there have been plenty of leaks to keep us going. Back in June, it looked as though the Galaxy Z Fold3 and Z Flip3 would be significantly cheaper than their predecessors, but alas, that might only be the case for one of them.

Leaker SnoopyTech (via XDA Developers) has revealed that the Z Flip3 will start at €1029, and the Z Fold3 will start at an eye-watering €2009. You can see SnoopyTech's tweets below:

This is good news for Z Flip fans, as last year's model started at €1400, making the new one €371 cheaper. For a phone that seemingly fixes many of the original's annoyances by enlarging the outer display. While the earlier pricing leak was almost spot-on for the new Flip, it was way off for the Fold, which seems to be more expensive than last year. The Z Fold3 is expected to cost €2009, far more than the price we expected in June.

While these leaks are in euros, the US pricing should be about the same. The Z Flip was $1449 in the US and €1399 in Europe, so flipping the currency sign in these leaked prices should give you a good idea of how much it'll be in the US. The Z Flip3 and Z Fold3 will be announced at Galaxy Unpacked on August 11th.