Look, MagSafe is some cool stuff. A collection of interchangeable accessories that instantly clamps on with magnets, including wireless charging? Hell yeah, I'm not made of stone. It's not enough to actually make me switch to an iPhone (he said, dodging disapproving glances from his Pixel 5), but I can't deny that it's a fantastic idea. Fantastic enough that it's surprising it took this long for someone to brazenly rip it off.

That someone is Realme, with its recently-leaked Realme Flash phone. GSMArena reports that the Flash will be a fairly typical high-end model, with its biggest differentiator being the "MagDart" system, with integrated magnetics in the rear of the body for attaching a Qi wireless charger.

Reportedly the manufacturer will offer two choices in chargers: a small puck-shaped charger that more or less matches Apple's MagSafe with 15 watts of wireless charging, and a massive brick with a built-in cooling fan. Exactly how fast this version will charge isn't yet known, though the source claims it will be "the fastest magnetic charger in the world" at its launch.

Other details on the phone indicate it's a flagship: Snapdragon 888 processor, 12GB of RAM, up to 256GB of storage, three rear cameras of indeterminate quality. The screen size isn't known, but it'll use curved glass and a "hole punch" camera in the top left corner. Realme is currently teasing the phone on Twitter, so we should get more official details (hopefully including launch markets) before too long.

There are a few other options if you're looking for a MagSafe-style system for Android. Moment makes some cases for the Galaxy S21 that are compatible with MagSafe chargers and accessories, and there are some stick-on magnets available. Neither are particularly elegant.

A new video and renders reveal what MagDart has to offer

Above, you can watch a fresh video that tests Realme's MagDart tech in a charging test. This video was dug up by XDA, and it provides a first look at how the upcoming Realme Flash phone charges through MagDart. It's assumed that the above three-minute charging video alludes that it should take less than an hour to charge the Realme Flash's battery in full, though more rigorous testing sure would help to nail these numbers down.

It would also appear that new renders for the Realme Flash phone have popped up over at 91mobiles. Currently these renders are a tease of what's to come. As you can see, the MagDart Wallet is visible in the above pics, which is where you'll attach a wireless charger, and you can also store three credit cards in a leather slot. Plus, the aluminum kickstand is visible, though you have to wonder how useful it will be.

All in all, some excellent teases before tomorrow's big MagDart reveal. So stay tuned, as there will assuredly be more to talk about once Realme officially reveals the MagDart on August 3rd.