Last week, we learned Philips is preparing to launch a new gradient-infused light strip capable of highlighting your room in all sorts of colorful combinations. If you're looking for an improved standard bulb, however, you might just be in luck. Some new listings on Philips's web store hint at an all-new generation of smart bulbs.

While the standard Hue bulbs you can pick up right now peak at 800 max lumens, these new products range all the way to 1,100 lumens (via HueBlog). That's a wattage equivalent of 75W, up from 60W on the previous model. It's not the brightest bulb we've seen from the company — you can pick up units with 1,600 lumens on Amazon right now — but it provides an excellent middle ground between too dim and too bright.

None of these bulbs are available for purchase in the US just yet, and Philips itself hasn't issued an official announcement. HueBlog expects pricing to be about $10 more than their 800 lumens counterparts, though it's an easy cost to justify considering the boost in brightness. The series includes white and RGB bulbs, with various multi-packs also listed. With any luck, it won't be long until these are up for sale.