It was just a couple of days ago that we first got our hands on Telegram's latest beta, adding screen sharing, video speed controls, and new options for clearing out your chat history. If you gave that version a spin only to find it seemed a bit buggy, you're in luck. Telegram 7.9 is already making its way out to users today, and it's got all of those beta features and a whole lot more.

This update is jam-packed, with a clear focus on improving all things video within the app. Group video calls and video messages have both been upgraded to "2.0" status, with the former adding up to 1,000 viewers in a call with 30 simultaneous broadcasts. Telegram is threatening to continue increasing that limit until every single person on Earth can join a single call, and we're starting to think it's a serious claim. As for video messages, they're now recorded in a higher resolution with a tap to expand option.

Screen sharing is the other major addition here, working with your device's sound in all video calls, including 1-on-1 calls. AP's Rita El Khoury had some difficulty getting the feature to work consistently in this week's beta, so hopefully, all of its bugs have been ironed out for this release.

A couple of other additions round out the video-centric stuff. Playback speed is here — another option first seen in this week's beta — as are quick-copy timestamp links, allowing for fast and easy sharing of any timecode.

That's far from the only new content, of course. Telegram's Android app picks up some snazzy animation for sending messages, initially added to the iOS client in the previous update. If you use a passcode, it also has improved animations for smoother transitions between displays. Speaking of which, password resets and two-factor authentication both receive some improvements, with options to restore your account even without a recovery email address. All that, plus auto-delete options for your chat threads and new animated emoji for good measure.

This update is undoubtedly chunky, so make sure you head over to Telegram's full patch notes to see everything in action. Grab the newest version of the app using the Play Store link below, or install the latest APK from APK Mirror.


Details on screen sharing have been corrected.

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