Motorola begrudgingly promised two OS upgrades for its flagship phone for last year, the Edge+, after saying it would only put up for one. Today, in an public relations chain of communication gone wrong, it basically did the same thing for its new Edge 20 series.

The company initially confirmed to Android Authority that it would stick with its policy of one OS upgrade and 2 years of security updates for the Edge 20, Edge 20 Lite, and Edge 20 Pro. It did so with a statement that faintly damned its consumers for not sticking with its phones long enough:

Each device has its own merit in terms of where it needs to be updated and how many updates it does get. We do commit on the one OS update, and obviously we continue to review that. If we do find that the device has a longer life cycle in the market, we’ll obviously review to see whether it needs more OS upgrades.

Obviously, Motorola doesn't consider software updates to be part of the core product and the protection of its customers to be part of what it is selling — much unlike its competitors including Nokia, which has promised 3 years of security updates for a $150 phone — and believes them to be an expendable investment.

Or so we thought. Hours after the article went live, the phone maker backtracked on its original statement. A different spokesperson now says that the Edge 20 devices will indeed get two or more OS updates and two years or more of security updates — those will supposedly come every other month, though the Edge+ received Android 11 about 3 months after its previous security update.

Obviously, the company can and should do better. But we also know better than to expect that based on its unremarkable track record.