We're still a beta or so away from a stable build of Android 12 becoming available to the public, but that doesn't mean we haven't already seen some ripple effects from its upcoming makeover. A few apps, like Chrome and Camera, have already received minor Material You touch-ups, and today, it's Contacts' turn. A new update to the app brings along some automatic themes, but you can take advantage of some of its fresh look even if you're running Android 11.

Contacts is the first app to publicly receive its facelift, complete with theme support and rounded corners throughout the UI (via 9to5Google). If you're running Android 12, you'll immediately notice Material You pulling from your wallpaper, complete with support for dark mode. Your phone's accent colors are used for everything from letters to icons when displaying a contact's information. The search bar now sports some snazzy new rounded corners, and the circular FAB is now a squircle. You'll also notice your account name displayed right at the top of the page, so you always know which list of contacts is loaded.

Left: Old version. Middle: New version on Android 11. Right: New version on Android 12.

Even if you aren't running Android 12 just yet, you'll still get some elements of this refreshed look and feel. On Android 11, the accent color always defaults to sky blue, but the rounded corners and squircle action button still appear in the app.

Left: Old version. Right: New version with Material You.

Unlike most of Google's changes, this isn't a server-side update. It's currently available in version 3.50, which is making its way to users via the Play Store right now. You can grab that patch below or skip the wait altogether and download the latest APK from APK Mirror.

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free