Do you take videos on your phone? Do you subsequently need to remove and/or rearrange portions of those videos, along with more subtle changes? Do you find the app that came with your phone to achieve this purpose underwhelming? Then You might want to check out Videoleap. Previously restricted to iOS, this video editor comes from the same people who developed the Motionleap photo animator.

Videoleap includes the usual basic cutting and pasting tools, plus greenscreen, aspect ratios, slo-mo and fast motion, audio editing, and unlimited undo and redo actions. Videos can be edited in layers, which is a step beyond most of the standard app capabilities. The Videoleap app has a 4.5-star rating on iOS after more than 50,000 reviews, so it must be doing something right.

Videoleap is a free download, but of course there's an upsell. Upon installation, it immediately asks you to subscribe to a Pro version of the app for a hefty $35 a year. Alternately you can get a permanent unlock for $70. The developers say they're working on adding more of the features from the iOS app soon.