Samsung's Galaxy Buds Pro may be the company's best earbuds, but the Buds Live hold a special place in many Samsung fans' hearts. For one, they're shaped like beans, which is objectively funny and merits mention literally every time they're brought up. But also, they have a unique fit not offered by other Samsung buds. Right now, you can get a refurbished pair in a number of colors for 70 bucks on eBay.

The Buds Live sound great and offer active noise cancellation — although, due to their more open design, it's not as effective as it is on models with better seals. They offer fairly robust battery life for their compact size, too, with eight or so hours of playback (or five to six with ANC on).

At $70, you're paying as much here for a premium pair of earbuds as you would a next-gen (or is that present-gen?) AAA video game. This price is being offered by Samsung (via eBay), so you can rest assured they're as well-refurbished as refurbished Samsung earbuds come. You've got your pick of colors, too. Hit any of the links below to get a better look.