Although wireless headphones aren't perfect, they do add a whole lot of convenience to your life. True wireless earbuds, in particular, are more popular than ever — just look at our recent poll about our audience's choice in headphones for proof. If you keep an eye out for deals, it's not hard to find a great set of buds at affordable prices. If you don't mind buying refurbs, Sony's excellent WF-1000XM3s are back down to just $80 at eBay.

At this point, you probably know all about how great these buds are in daily use. With excellent ANC, great sound quality, and a simple design, these might just be the best wireless set $80 can get you in 2021. While they don't quite hit the highs of their successors, they're also $200 less. That's 20 months of Spotify, YouTube Music, or whatever streaming service you're subscribed to these days. Hard to argue with savings like these.

We saw this deal on eBay last month, but if you missed out, you're getting another chance to up your audio game. Sony has continued to amaze with their audio products, and the XM3s are no different. Click through the link below to grab your pair.