LineageOS is the custom ROM version of Android for when you throw your phone's original software away and say "screw it, I'm gonna load my OWN Android, with blackjack and hookers." We keep an eye on Lineage to let you know when it's come to new devices, but these are frequent enough (and sometimes inconsequential enough) that ain't nobody got time to do them one by one anymore. Here's a bunch of new devices that have received their first builds over the last six weeks.


(Note that some of these are still rolling down the build servers — they should all be available soon)





  • F2 Pro (AKA the Redmi K30 Pro and Zoom Edition)

These builds are LineageOS 18.1, which is based on the open source version of Android 11.  As always, the vast majority of Lineage releases are nightly builds. So while they're generally more reliable than the average AOSP build you'll find lurking in the XDA forums, there's no guarantee that every app or tool you use will work without tweaking it.

In order to install Lineage you need a custom recovery (TWRP is where most people start). And if you want access to the Google Play Store and all of its ancillary googliness, you'll want to flash a build of Gapps along with your shiny new ROM.