Most of us depends on plenty of Google apps throughout the day. Whether it's Gmail, Calendar, Meet, or even just the Play Store, both work and leisure activities rely on accessing your account. Of course, that makes accessibility options all the more crucial, especially as remote work continues to be an option for millions of employees. With its latest Workspace update, Google is improving how Docs suggestions work while in braille mode.

Starting as soon as today, suggestions in Docs — an essential tool for anyone who relies on edits for essays, project proposals, and more — will feature improved auditory descriptions. Visually impaired users and those who rely on screen readers or refreshable braille displays will hear detailed information regarding each suggestion. That includes the author of each note, as well as context for whether it's meant as an insertion or deletion.

Users can access braille support in the "Accessibility settings" menu under "Tools." These improvements are coming to Workspace accounts beginning today, with a gradual rollout planned over the next 15 days. Those accounts on a scheduled release domain will gain access to these enhancements starting August 16th. Unfortunately, there's no word if or when standard accounts will gain these features.