Clipboard and autofill suggestions as one of the best features of Gboard. You tap a text field and the keyboard immediately offers to paste something you're likely to write — either a piece of text you just copied or a login/password. But there's always room for improvement and Gboard is now taking its clipboard suggestions to the next level by automatically detecting the most important bits of a larger copied text.

Say you copy a long message with an address, a phone number, or a link, but you only want to send that important section to another contact or in another app. You'd normally have to paste the whole thing, then delete the parts that don't matter. Now, Gboard offers the full text, but also extracts the most relevant bits and suggests them as separate chips as well.

Left & Middle: Phone number and linkRight: Address.

This also works for specific times and dates as well as random numbers. If the time is properly formatted as xx:xx, it will be recognized accurately, but if you copy something like "meet me at 11," you'll still get the number "11" suggested though it won't have the time icon in the suggestion chip. That's merely an aesthetic inconvenience, you can still paste "11" individually without any problem.

Left: Date & timeMiddle: Time. Right: Regular number.

To see these suggestions, you have to enable Settings > Clipboard > Show recently copied text and images in the suggestions bar. We don't know if this improvement with smarter suggestions is widely rolling out or not, but it's available for me on all my devices (Android 11 and 12) with the latest Gboard beta v10.8.06 (APK Mirror).

Gboard - the Google Keyboard
Gboard - the Google Keyboard
Developer: Google LLC
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