Messaging client Discord is about to give its users a ball of yarn, teasing a threading feature that will officially debut tomorrow.

The announcement was posted to the company's Twitter account midday today.

Threading went through testing on a small group of servers over the past month. An FAQ page tells us what we general users may expect in terms of the feature including how to start and participate in one, privileged thread settings, and moderation. They can be archived after a specified amount of time or deleted entirely.

Currently, users are only able to reply to messages one at a time. Those who want to track the conversation must tap or click on each previous message excerpted above. That's not a great way of sorting out context through a shared line of thought — putting that politely — and a server administrator wouldn't want to have to create new rooms every time something of that nature popped up. So, yes, this does bring Discord into line with the likes of Slack... finally.

New features (especially ones like this that have been long needed) tend to come first to PC before going to mobile, so set your expectations accordingly.

Live for desktop and mobile

Discord seems to have blown our expectations — a simultaneous rollout for desktop and mobile users (yes, including Android) is ongoing.